CONVOY™ is an easy to learn card strategy table game for 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 players, that challenge’s your use of skill & strategy (6 or 8 players split into teams of 2).

The Game is played with the board/mat, 2 full packs of cards & 50 tokens per single player or 25 if in teams.

The board/mat comprises of 2 full packs of cards with jacks and jokers removed (96 cards) and 4 roundels which act as bonus counters/tokens and as such cannot be covered with another counter/token. Bonus roundels may be re-used by all players during the course of play.

The object of the game is to form “Convoys” (lines) comprising of 4 same coloured  tokens (or 3 plus a bonus roundel) in a straight line either vertically, horizontally or diagonally  anywhere on the board. Once a “Convoy” is completed the tokens forming it are turned over to show the 2-tone colour (yellow dot). After this stage the tokens in the “Convoy” in question cannot be removed.

A “Convoy” may use only one token within an existing “Convoy” by crossing that “Convoy” at right angles or diagonally. It is not allowable to add onto the end of an existing “Convoy” unless a complete “Convoy” of 4 (or 3+ a bonus token/ roundel) can be formed.

The first player or team to form TWOcomplete Convoy’s wins the game.

Shuffle the two full 52 card packs together. Each player picks a card; the one with the highest card deals (Ace is high), replace the cards in the combined pack.
Each player (or team) selects a token colour (one colour each). When playing in teams, players must be seated so they have alternate coloured tokens e.g. 6 player game: - red, black, red, black and 8 player game: - red, black, blue, green, red, black, blue, green.
Add the 4 Jokers to the deck reshuffle and deal 4 cards to each player placing the remaining deck face down and accessible to all players.
The player to the left of the dealer lays a card of their choice from their own pack face up in front of them and places a token onto the space with the corresponding card on the board/mat. Each play must be within 30 seconds. If a player fails to make their move within 30 seconds, they forfeit their turn.
The player then draws a new card from the deck to ensure they maintain 4 cards in their hand.
Play continues clockwise as each player takes turns, placing one token on the board/mat for each card played.
Jokers and Jacks are special cards. Jacks are either one-eyed Jacks (spades and hearts) or two-eyed Jacks (clubs and diamonds). If a one-eyed Jack is played, the player may remove an opponent’s token from the board (except two-tone tokens (yellow dot facing up) forming a “Convoy”) returning them to the other player/team (in a 3, 4, 6 or 8 player game remove a token from each opponent or team). If a two-eyed Jack is played, the player may place their token on any free square. If a Joker is played the player can choose to treat the card as either used as a one-eyed or two-eyed Jack.
The main deck can only be used once, this means the winner is the player/players with most “Convoys” if there is no clear winner the game becomes a stalemate (or draw).

Revised October 2015

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