Splat, Cracker and Exactly are three mischievous young eggs who sure know how to have a good time. Whether they are getting under the feet of P.C. Boiler, egg-sperimenting with Exactly’s latest invention, causing chaos in the Eggcup Café, or running rings around the Bad Eggs Gang, one thing you can be sure of – there is never a dull moment in Shelltown.

But the is one thing that all the eggs in Shelltown fear. POACHERS WAY !

This is the place away over Egg Shell Hills, the home of Rotten Ron and from where eggs seldom return. Luckily for our three young heroes Exactly is always several steps ahead with his inventions.

You can read more about the adventures of Splat and his friends in the Meggabike book now available to order from our store.  order online .

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